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We are a member-only, business-to-business marketplace.. In order qualify to join our service, you must provide us with at least one of the following documents.

  • Business License. Issued by a local government, city, or town, this license officially permits the operation of a business in a specific locality.
  • Certificate of Incorporation: This document is issued when a business is legally registered as a corporation.
  • Articles of Organization: Required for LLCs (Limited Liability Companies), these documents are filed with the state government.
  • Sales Tax Permit: Often required for businesses that sell goods and collect sales tax.
  • Trade License (if applicable): Certain trades or professions may require specific licenses.
  • Doing Business As (DBA) Certificate: This document is needed if the business operates under a trade name different from its legal name.
  • Certificate of Good Standing: Issued by the state, this certifies that a company is legally registered and compliant with state regulations.
  • Commercial Lease Agreement: If the business operates from a physical location, a lease agreement can serve as proof of operation.
  • Utility Bills in the Business Name: Bills like electricity, water, or internet for the business premises.
  • Insurance Documents: Proof of business insurance, like liability or workers’ compensation insurance.
  • Professional Licenses: For businesses in certain professional fields (e.g., medical, legal, accounting).